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Order first-aid products from our local AED supply company

It's extremely important that every business has an AED (automated external defibrillator) nearby at all times. When a person is suffering from sudden cardiac arrest, you only have a few moments to check their heart rhythm and get it back in sync. That's where AEDs come in. They're lightweight, battery-operated, portable devices that can help correct an irregular heart rhythm and potentially save someone's life.

Call on JAX FIRST AID for AED sales services. We can supply you with organized first-aid kits and AED machines that will meet the strict OSHA and ANSI requirements for your specific business.

3 reasons your business needs an AED on hand

JAX FIRST AID sells organized first-aid kits and AEDs. We also lease AED machines out to local companies. You should purchase AEDs for your business because:

  1. Cardiac arrest is the #1 leading cause of death in the United States
  2. Work-related stress has been heavily linked with cardiac issues
  3. It takes first responders around 12 minutes to arrive, and it only take 5 minutes of no blood flow to the brain to cause irreversible damage

Contact us right away to place an order for your initial first-aid kit and AED. After that, we can refill your first-aid supplies as needed.